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Co-founder Donna Smith's desire for the perfect blend of style, comfort, and sustainability led to Miik: a luxe line of women’s fashion that proves we can have it all. Miik has a continuously growing base of loyal customers with a staggering number of Miik pieces in their closets. 

They design two streamlined collections each year with something for everyone. Miik will never follow the latest fads, because most women care a lot more about how they feel in a garment than what the latest fast fashion trend is. They make clothes that help women to feel beautiful and confident, with a focus on durable, lasting, sustainable fabrics -- they want you to be able to wear their pieces for the next 10 years, not just for a season.

Sustainability has been their priority since day one, as is maintaining an ethical manufacturing process. From design to finished garment, Miik is produced in Canada. Manufacturing locally lets them monitor working conditions and ensure fair pay and respect for all their workers.

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